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River Run Press Release

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River Run: A New Neighborhood in Ketchum

Linking mountain recreation, river ecology and downtown Ketchum

Located at the base of the River Run ski lift and gondola, the 140-acre River Run project will transform Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain ski area and link together this incredible mountain recreation resource, the scenic Big Wood River, and downtown Ketchum.

A new pedestrian plaza will form the heart of the new neighborhood, surrounded by a landmark hotel. Beyond the hotel core the plan contains a variety of residences and the Wood River Ecological Park - all connected to Ketchum via transit, pedestrian linkages and a potential future community connector rail system or gondola.

Sun Valley Company and its advisory partners, East West Partners and Design Workshop, have submitted to the City of Ketchum an application for annexation and zoning for River Run. The City is currently reviewing the proposed plan.

This City annexation and zoning process is the crucial first step to making the vision of River Run a reality. The components and benefits of the River Run project will be constructed over many years as market and economic conditions allow. Upon completion, River Run will be a vibrant new neighborhood connecting Ketchum to the ski mountain and containing numerous public benefits.


Sun Valley East West Partners Design Workshop
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